Latest Issue of Script & Print — Vol. 41 No. 1 (2017)


  • Patricia Thomas — Iconoclastic Effrontery: Rex Fairburn, Bob Lowry and the Printing of Polemics
  • Marion Amies — Amelia Carey White: Author of Social Life and Manners in Australia
  • B. J. McMullin — Walter Scott’s Ballads and Lyrical Pieces, 1806, and the Collected Works
  • John C. Ross — Fleuron: A User’s Report—And Charles Ackers Revisited Again
  • Nicholas A. Sparks — Corrigenda to Two Modern Editions of The Peterborough Chronicle
  • Reviews — The Fifteenth-Century Printing Practices of Johann Zainer, Ulm, 1473–1478 (B. J. McMullin); The Noblest Roman: A History of the Centaur Type of Bruce Rogers (Dennis Bryans)

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