Marginalia: Bibliography at the Margins

The University of Queensland
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
29-30 November 2018

Call for Papers

Readers have always responded to books, often by inscribing their reactions – of approval or outrage – in the margins. This conference seeks to explore the condition of being bibliographically “in, on, or at the margins” ranging from examples of significantly annotated copies of books to the relationship of bibliography to cognate disciplines such as history, literature, biography, and critical theory. The conference will also address issues in interpreting, editing, recording and preserving marginalia.

BSANZ invites proposals for 20-minute papers on matters marginal from the early modern period to the present and beyond. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Celebrated annotators, and particular annotated texts
  • The interpretative challenge of anonymous doodles and notes
  • Marginalia as deep engagement and social intertext
  • The charged vacillation between readership and authorship
  • Marginalia as biographical writing
  • Digital technologies and contemporary marginalia
  • Australasian contributions to the field of marginalia studies
  • Recording and cataloguing marginal traces in library collections
  • Valuing the personal inscription – association, marginalia and the market

Some financial assistance towards travel costs may be available for postgraduate students who are presenting papers. Please enquire when submitting your proposal, and include a brief budget outlining your anticipated travel costs.

Proposals – including, a 250-word abstract title of paper, name and institutional affiliation of each author, a brief biography of each author, email address of each author, and 3-5 keywords – should be sent to the convenor, Simon Farley

Presenters must be members of the Bibliographical Society of Australia and New Zealand. The deadline for submissions is Friday 6 April 2018.